Starting at $400

Reserve your private party at the farm. 

We have an outdoor roofed area to be the primary function space. Our new barn is available for a rain or shine party at Pony Town if need be!

With Covid-19 current regulations, farm parties can have up to 50 guests.

We will set up tables and chairs for 30 (can do more if you need, we just find very rare all guests ever sit at the same time). We are doing all farm parties in our outdoor area, unless bad weather. In the event of poor weather, we will hold the event inside of our new, indoor barn. 

You may bring in your own food and beverages, get delivery, or catering! We are very casual.

Our parties are pretty flexible. Each private farm party will have a designated party staffer. Please use the staff as needed to help set up, clean up, serve food & cake. Although our schedule isn’t strict, and we can easily adapt to your needs, the party flow is typically as follows: 

(15 Mins) Arrival and Open Play

(60 Mins) Pony Rides

(30 Mins) Eat 

(45 Mins) Petting Zoo

(30 Mins) Cake & Presents

You may decorate. However, we ask you pick up any popped balloons, streamers, etc. before leaving the farm. They can be hazardous to our many curious animals. We discourage pinatas and any confetti-like products, as they are often too messy and require tedious clean-up post party.


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